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Wondercraft Curtain Display Stands

The curtain display stands are simplest and most convenient way to display curtains in any big or small showroom. Good for sales and visually effective. Basically the curtain rolls are held with the help of steel rods which are then placed at any suitable height within the frame. The rods can be moved up or down at a distance of 3 inches each. The special steel frames can be fitted within the ceiling or the bigger frame itself. The curtain display stand frames are fabricated in such a way that the operating the stand becomes child’s play. There is immediate access to every curtain to be seen at a length. Similarly the curtain can be rolled back easily on to their rolls too which is fitted within the curtain display stand.

  • Curtain Display Stand
  • Curtain Display System
  • Curtain Display Rack
  • Curtain Display Holder