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Wondercraft Carpet Display Stands

Book Shelf Style - Carpet Display Stand

Sliding Carpet Display Stand

Sliding Carpet Display Systems & stands are available in 1 or 2 bays option. They enable you to display any number of rugs & carpets in full view. These display carpet display racks are used to display carpets & rugs in a variety of sizes as per requirements. The carpet sliding rail systems are probably the best systems as they enable the customer full view of the rugs & carpets. The picture shows you how each carpets can be pulled out of the stack and pushed back once viewed. The carpets are hanging from the top on sliding rail system. The carpets can be pulled out effortlessly. The number of carpet, size or weight of the stand depends on the space available as they are made to fit.

Watch the Video Clip for the Sliding Carpet Stand.

Carpet Holder & Clips

The simplest and most convenient way to display carpets and rugs. Good for sales and visually effective. Basically the items are held in special aluminum folding rails and hung on the carriers arms. The carpet display stands are child’s plays to operate. There is immediate access to every rug.

The top of the hanger and the width are set as per your rug and carpet requirements. The compact size and the facts that the carpet display stand can be mobile making it extremely versatile; for instance it can be used for sales actions or in exhibitions. Book shelf type carpet display stand & racks are in the market for a while now.

These are carpets & rugs holding clips which are made in house. Since these are heavy duty items, they can hold heavy carpets & rugs easily without compromising with their quality. These are rust proof items for long lasting effects.